Here at JW McDonald Building Services we have expanded our team on the heating & plumbing and boiler repair side of the business to give our customers the best service possible so we have a new separate company. To find us now, click on this link www.jwmcdonaldheatingandplumbingltd.co.uk This new approach will offer our customers a no call out charge system that works with an hourly rate system that is more transparent. This was bought together because we have found that most boiler repairs and heating & plumbing problems can be fixed within one hour and with this knowledge we found that a no call out charge approach was better for our customer so please follow the link above for your more cost effective service at www.jwmcdonaldheatingandplumbingltd.co.uk


Here at JW McDonald Building service we have been looking at ways of making boiler replacements much easier for our customers. We know that just buying a new gas or electric boiler like for like is not going to give you what you need so we have broken down what are the most important things that are needed from this new boiler replacement.

The first thing to look at is efficiency, the new boilers need to be efficient to meet new legislation, which will affect the choice of boiler system you will have installed. When we look at the efficiency we can also look at the saving that can be made by installing a (A) rated condensing combination boiler, which can save you up 30% on your heating bills. This will not pay for your new boiler installation or replacement in a year but it will save you money and you can look at it as a start to keep your annual bills down. There are other ways of saving money, which is to install solar panels to run the boiler only. This will help because your electric bill will come down as well as the gas bill.

If the heating system in your home runs on gas or electric, we suggest that the new boiler you have installed is of a reliable make and has a long warranty and guarantee. We would always suggest that you have the 5 years guarantee on the boiler because most people don’t think about the boiler breaking down when they are having a new one installed.

The 5-year cover will save you money because a call out charge is £70-90 and any repairs will be added on top of that so on average you can be paying out £250.00 for parts & and labour each time you have a problem if not more. We found if you ask the engineer if there is a boiler with a 5 years’ warranty & guarantee for the extra £250.00 you will potentially pay for any future repairs before they happen.

If you need any heating & boiler services, we will be happy to discuss a plan for your home. Contact us 0800 335 7772 or just email us for a quote: info@jwmcdonaldbuildingservices.com


We know that it is very hard to find a reliable boiler installers at short notice that can give you a competitive boiler deal but we have a brilliant deal for our clients, which is running for a limited time only.

  • We will supply and fit a new Ideal Logic Plus 24kw combination + clock boiler with 5 years’ warranty starting for just £1,699.00.
  • We will also supply & fit a new Vokera 245w combination boiler with 5 years’ warranty starting for just £1,599.00.

These cost effective boiler deals will only work if you are having a combination boiler change over only, which will be going back in the same location as the old combination boiler. The average cost for this same service will be £2,200.00.

The only requirement needed is that there needs to be a 22mm gas feed from the gas meter which you can check yourself.

Contact us free info@jwmcdonaldbuildingservices.com or telephone us on 0800 335 7772 / 07713 741026


  • We need to turn off all your gas, water and electric supplies before starting any work on your new central heating or boiler installation and we Power flush the system.
  • The position of the boiler should be well thought through, this will be done as part of your company assessment before any installation. The reason is that you need access to drainage, the supply of water, gas and electric. The area for the flue pipe is important because this will release condensation into the air, which needs to be away from public contact because of the toxic fumes they give off like carbon monoxide.
  • The best place to fit a boiler is in the old tank cupboard or kitchen, bathroom Loft space. Make sure your gas feed into the house is run in 22mm copper pipe from the meter to your boiler position. The next step is to bring the water, and electric supplies to same position.
  • The house or flat will need an electric supply coming from a RCD protected fuse board. The boiler can be hard wired or plugged into a plug socket via a fuse spur.
  • Ensure the position of the boiler is correct and all your supplies are there. The next step is to start your flow pipe, which will supply your radiators. This will need an engineer to figure out the boiler size to the size of the property. (We recommend you use our boiler fitting guide.)
  • The flow from your boiler is set through the property to create the return pipe to your boiler position. The next job is to have the flue hole cut out which would normally go through a wall out into your alley way, garden (front or back) or through your roof or the loft space. The boiler can be mounted to the wall and all the services connected. This leaves you with your cold-water supply from and to the boiler to be connected to the house. The vent pipe and over flow pipe should be visible outside and the vent pipe should be connected into the outside drain waste.

If you need an engineer to install your boiler please contact us by phone 0800 335 7772 / 07713 741026 or email: info@jwmcdonaldbuildingservices.com

We are based in South London, we cover all boiler replacements & boiler installations for most of South London and South East London, some of South West London and South Kent.


  • 24KW Boiler will supply a 1 bedroom flat
  • 26KW Boiler will supply a 1-2 bedroom flat
  • 28KW Boiler will supply a 2-3 bedroom house
  • 30KW Boiler will supply a 3-4 bedroom house
  • 35KW Boiler will supply a 4-5 bedroom house


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