25 Nov 2018

JW McDonald Building Services are based in South London (Bromley) and we have been listening to feedback from our clients have found in today’s homes they like to have a bathroom with a shower installation, for efficiency and cost effective as most house have water meters. But with property prices in South London so high now, people are having buy smaller properties, which have smaller bathrooms.

Recently we have seen clients in areas like Catford, Bromley, Sydenham and Beckenham try to have a bath with a shower but the compromise is that you can’t enjoy the space. Here at JW McDonald Building Services we think it’s better to have a walk-in shower installation. Walk in shower installations are the best way to make use of the small space and have the main bathroom open plan with an integrated floor waste, which is hidden under the floor. The shower would need to be a thermostatic shower install, which can be run of a conventional boiler or a combination boiler.

If you are running an old gas boiler, then you will need a universal pump in order to have enough bar pressure to run the shower efficiently. The Problem with a pump is that they make a lot of noise when they are running. The other option is to have your boiler replaced with a condensing combi gas boiler, which will convert everything to mains pressure.

This will give you the option of have any shower installation you prefer. When you have your waste and shower fittings worked out you are ready for tilling the shower room area.

The best place to have a walk-in shower installation is on the ground floor. This is because there are less chances of major damage to the property if there is a leak. If you are going to have the walk-in shower upstairs you will have to make sure the floor is as water tight as possible. We would suggest that you take up the floorboards and install the necessary pipework and waste system and then install 18mm WPB ply which is the same thickness as the floorboards on the original joists.

When you have installed the ply make sure you use a high-grade silicone to seal all the joints and edges in the floor, we would even suggest to have 6” skirting made up out of the ply and chase out the wall to have this in place to ensure that there is a good water proof seal around the floor to wall joint.

When you are water tight you are ready for tilling, the floor should be a gradient floor which, means there should be a slight fall which should take the shower water into the reassessed waste in the floor. The tiling specialist should know how to tile these areas and will understand how important this is. We also advise people to have the whole room tiled which will create a water tight area. The walk-in shower should be ready for all the fittings and we always say you should try and have a glass divide to keep the water in place of the gradient floor area. This should leave you with a nice walk-in shower installation, which you will love.

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