18 Jan 2018

Here at JW McDonald building services we believe that bathroom renovations & remodelling is something which a lot of homeowners will encounter at some point and we see a lot of this happening in South London. We have seen a new culture of property spending trends when it comes to bathrooms, the bathroom has to be robust and trendy which means there is a constant change in the materials used to make a bathroom meet our current needs.


Throughout South London, we see these trends changing which is now changing our view on how much the new bathroom remodel will cost. There are a few different attitudes, which have shaped our trends, which are, thermostatic showers or power showers, spotlights, under floor heating, Heated towel rails, expensive natural stone tiles & flooring. We have built in or inter grated bathroom fittings like toilets, sinks double sinks with storage, we can even have chrome pipe work under the sink because we want everything to be pleasing to the eye.


This will now depend on what type of bathroom idea you are looking for to fit in with the current trends for this time. We also see that your bathroom will be an investment and this is another reason for your bathroom renovation or installations cost to be determined by these factors. When we put all this together we can see why some bathroom costs are very expensive and the materials are very unforgiving to work with. The installer or plumber will have their work cut out making sure that all the expensive and beautiful things you have bought will be transformed into this wonderful bathroom you have in your mind.


We cannot put a cost on an average bathroom renovation or installation because there are too many varying factors like building & electrical work. But if you consider there will be just one main installer or plumber who will be carrying out the installation and fitting of the main items it’s better to try and secure an average day rate, which can be transformed into an average amount of days to complete the job. The average day rate should ruffle be £300.00 per day and I would say it takes approximately three weeks to complete a bathroom from start to finish. This would mean an average bathroom installation or renovations labour cost could be, £3,500.00 £5,000.00 This will sometimes exclude materials like timber, screw, pipe work & fittings, which I would add on another £250.00 – £300.00. There are other building works costs as well as the bathroom suite it self to be bought and we would recommend that the installer should help to choose what is suitable for your new bathroom project.


Please contact us for more information: info@jwmcdonaldbuildingservice.com Or call us free: 0800 335 7772 Mobile: 07713741026


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Here at JW McDonald Building Services Ltd we specialise in Kitchen & Bathroom refurbishments. The last project we completed was based in the Sydenham SE26, near Crystal Palace park SE19 area where we have seen a lot of property prices rise, so this is a frequent area for us to work in.

This Kitchen & Bathroom refurbishment consisted of us removing the old Kitchen & Bathroom but it revealed that all the walls in these two rooms were disintegrating and needed rebuilding. We removed all the old render and plaster and re-rendered & plastered the walls and ceilings to a smooth finish.

We also installed new electrical cables for lighting and sockets for both rooms.

On this particular project we also had to install a new consumer unit to meet currant electrical regulations for the Kitchen & Bathroom.

The client used our brilliant kitchen design services to achieve the high level of finish in the kitchen and we helped the client choose all the bathroom materials to have the same affect in the bathroom. The Kitchen & Bathroom installation team we have, has a lot experience in the trade. This project completely covered all the trades needed from start to finish and we also hire a skip were possible to remove all our rubbish.


  • Kitchen & bathroom removal
  • Plastering & internal rendering
  • Stud wall partitions
  • Plaster boarding
  • Structural wall removal & engineer’s reports
  • Electrical works & Consumer unit installation
  • Kitchen & bathroom design
  • Tiling
  • Kitchen fitting
  • Bathroom fitting
  • Flooring
  • Carpentry
  • Decorating
  • Boiler Installations
  • Gas safe works
  • Electrical Certification (NIC)
  • Skip hire and rubbish removal


For information use the contact us page for a quote. We have a picture gallery and testimonials from previous projects on the website.


Here at JW McDonald Building Services we are advising our customers about updating their old kitchen units for new kitchen units if their appliances are working well. There is an old saying that there is more than “one way to skin a cat” and there is more than one way to update your old kitchen.

Here at JW McDonald Building Services Ltd we have been trying to help customers to save money on their new kitchens. The trick is to change the old kitchen units for new kitchen units, doors and door handles and keep the old appliances so it gives you feeling of a new kitchen. This has an amazing effect when you change the tiled splash backs and a new kitchen sink and tap if your budget can stretch to it.

We have installed so many variations to save customers money and time with replacing certain parts of the kitchen that will have a great effect on the overall effect. The main cost with most kitchens we install is the building and electrical works so if you can cut this out and just change the kitchen units, doors and handles this will still make a dramatic difference and people will still think you have a new kitchen and that you have not just changed the kitchen units.

If you need help with designing a new kitchen layout that can save you money, then contact us by email and take advantage of our free service regarding kitchen design and estimate: info@jwmcdonaldbuildingservices.com or complete the online ‘Contact us’ form on the website.


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30 Mar 2017

Here at JW McDonald Building Services Ltd we are extending our kitchen installation services so that we can offer more kitchen deals to our clients.

We also want to highlight that we are offering brilliant free kitchen design & cost effective kitchen installation service to all our clients, for a limited time, only we are offering cheap kitchens to our clients regardless if you have a kitchen installed by us or just a cheap kitchen supplied by us and you find your own fitter.

When you have your new kitchen installation ideas to hand then we can instruct our free kitchen designer to come over to your property and give you our free kitchen design service to work out the best kitchen installation ideas. We can then email you your plan and kitchen estimate

This is where your cheap kitchen kicks in because if we supply & install your new kitchen from Howdens we will give up to a 60% discount. This offer excludes the installation cost.

This will cover most of our customer’s kitchen installation needs and this can give you a cost effective kitchen for your new kitchen installation ideas. We are also giving you a free kitchen designer that will save you a lot of time. If you need a cheap kitchen with up to 60% off and some freebies, then contact us by email info@jwmcdonaldbuildingservices.com or contact us on our free phone number.

All promotional offers can be removed or withdrawn without warning due stock availability and we only give one promotional offer per kitchen sold or installed. Please check to see if the promotional offer is still valid by emailing us first.


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