04 Sep 2018



Here at JW McDonald Building Services Ltd we are well established in installing bathrooms, we offer to all our clients a transparent service from start to finish and like to discuss or give information about how to we take on certain job regarding bathroom renovations or bathroom remodel.

We are frequently being called out for bathroom refurbishment quotes in Bromley, Beckenham and across South London and we always ask the client what they would like to achieve.

When we get to the question of the bathroom refurbishment tiling aspect we normally tell the client that we can provide a discount at Topps Tiles. We then talk about the tile configuration if they will want a brick effect or standard straight pattern. The brick effect takes longer so we always say this will be more expensive and if there are any pattern and configuration tile effects they will be more expensive as well.

When quoting for most bathroom refurbishments clients they sometimes miss out that tile beading should be included and is important to the colour scheme. There can be some issues regarding certain corners that will need special beading to give you that finished and professional look. The flooring side is very important with a bathroom refurbishment because the floor needs to be as flat as possible. We normally use 18mm WPB plywood or 9mm ply over the existing floorboards.

Most clients want a tiled floor for their bathroom refurbishment but we now advising for people to use the new vinyl flooring called quickstep. This new vinyl flooring is brilliant for wet or dry areas and bought in any finish you like. There is a tiled effect, wood floor effect and marble effect as well, so you achieve the same style look but with peace of mind of a 20-year warranty. This new vinyl flooring is also good for uneven floors and is able mould with the surface without cracking and without having to use self-levelling compound, within reason.

The vinyl flooring can be used with underfloor heating, so you get all the benefits but with more durability.

If you need our help with any bathroom renovations, refurbishments, & remodelling then please contact us: Email- jwmbuildingservices@icloud.com or use the contact us form.